The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

The first and only good thing I have to say about MBNA

I just called them up to dump my Apple Loan, which was worse than useless with an $1800 limit and 26.99% (!!!!) interest. I was prepared for a dismal encounter with a "win-back specialist". Last time I cancelled a credit card the rep was bullying and insulting and I had to be mean to her. After ten minutes of atrocious Christmas music I was in full Customer Service Cringe mode.

Surprise! Not only was the rep really nice and smart, but all he did was ask me why I was cancelling. When I said "Low limit and high interest" there was a short pause and then he said he'd cancel that for me, and send me written notice within five days.

Despite their predatory loans and ridiculous attempts to get me to write checks on that thing, etc.,, I have to say I'm pleased with their attitude when I left.
Tags: commerce
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