The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

soaking my bandanna while I stir

Successfully prepared the meal, which was: a 14 lb turkey, bread dressing, green beans, cornbread, gravy, cranberry sauce. Generally a success, with the following exceptions:
  1. Meat thermometer didn't go in the right place, registered finished temperature too soon. Had to wing it by time.

  2. When your circuit breaker trips while the rice machine is making rice, it doesn't recover. Despite having COMPUTAR MACHEIN in it that knows exactly when the rice is done, if it loses its place it refuses to continue when power is restored. Since the rice is now in an indeterminate state you've just ruined one load of rice. Suck.

  3. Wine spill just as we were starting.

  4. Forgot to serve cranberry sauce. Will eat it tomorrow.
All the food turned out perfectly, though. And I only yelled "FUCK!" once (#2).

Also, blueberry pie from local bakery (Sunflour).

Since I modified my diet to avoid death, two servings is a lot, so I was able to enjoy the meal without the crazed gluttony problem. Cooked about the right amount of food, too, so leftovers but not waste. With the exception of the rice. FUCK!

Cooking exhausts me, but pleasantly. I like making everything from scratch.
Tags: food
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