The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

pecked to death by ducks

Plumber arrived. Contradicted plumber from night before, said he'd do something else. Then remembered he needed something "ASAP" from the office, and would be back in five minutes. Disappeared for an hour. Returned and removed water heater, began looking for leak. Found leak in pipe that runs through concrete. Made shamefully obvious attempt to upsell to new water heater. Finally convinced her she needed one. Plumber then very slowly worked away at something or other back there. Took a long lunch. Came back and tried an obvious upsell to a $10,000 repipe job. Was asked if new water heater would be Energy Star compliant. Didn't know, and didn't know model of heater. Finally gave up model number. Investigation showed it was not Energy Star compliant. Job unfinished at end of day. No hot water available, and no single-tap faucets can be used, so only one sink available for 5 people. Says he will be back at "8 or 9" tomorrow. Leaves old water heater on porch because not enough room in back of truck.

Carpet guy arrives, is efficient. Cuts out dead carpet, sets up drying mechanism for overnight. House now sounds like the inside of a jetliner at cruising speed. Cat locked in study cowering.

Decision made to cancel new water heater first thing a.m. Decision also made personally by me to make this plumber guy's life a kind of hell on earth if he does not finish job by C.O.B. tomorrow. Plans include looming over him Alpha Male style, telling him he's ruined Thanksgiving for my extended family, telling him he made the old lady sick, calling the office and telling them he's smoking speed.

Insert people on the internet telling me I'm an asshole who doesn't understand things and is worthy of his own suicide in the middle of this. Also other interpersonal angst I am not at liberty tot disclose. Also rising sensation of irritability, fear, and depression from NFB rebound. Also, mom slowly losing her shit because household stress. Also, concrete drilling noises. Also, no running water for 4 hours (1 flush per toilet).

Small respite at D's. Only had one self-hatred attack. Good to be outside. Still feel like I wish I could leave town or everyone else would, knowing this is irrational.

Now waiting. Supposed to do build at 2230. It is now 2255 and other person has not showed or answered her cellphone. For about the fifth time.
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