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The American Caliban

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perilous balls of twine

Last night I was sitting in my car admiring the view from a park overlooking the harbor when I was approached by a foot patrol policeman. After being satisfied that I was a pleasure seeker and not a vagrant, he wished me a good night.

An hour later, I was pulled over by a police car from a different department in a different town 5 miles away, and again basically checked out and let go with a cheery wave.

I shaved this morning, wondering whether my increasingly unkempt appearance made me look like a TERRIST! due to beard.

Speaking of which, someone who appeared to be a member of the Taliban or Al Qaeda (dark bushy beard, big ugly sloppy non-Sikh turban, glowing dark eyes) was tailgating me in a big old Caddy on the freeway yesterday morning. Could aggressively incompetent driving be their NEW TERROR GAMBIT?

If I smoke lots of cigars and eat lots of pork, perhaps someday I can be this guy We all should have something to which to aspire.
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