The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Classic patio scene.

Sitting at the bar next to A.J. and talking with Michelle, bla bla, half-reading a book.

In walks this woman who is so hot as to cause a readjustment of the Universal Hotness Index, one flaming screaming hot PIECE OF ASS, probably about 19 years old. I skip a few beats from pure lust, and A.J. notices. He turns around back and says "Holy shit." I smile at her nervously, she smiles back in a very pleasant way and goes back out.

A.J. says "Dude! That was for YOU!"

"She is seven years old," I reply.

After a few more conversations and 100 pages of reading, I head to my car. Miss. Jesus H. Christ My Spleen Just Exploded With Lust From Looking at You is sitting with Tommy "Aloysius" Dougherty, who has been "39" for ten years or so. He's being all artistic, and soulful, and poetical, and shit.

Didn't I see this same exact scene in 1996? And every weekend since?
Tags: diedrich, ennui, hump, humphump, lamers, moresex, ohthepainoftheartistpleasedome, patio, sex, thecasanovaof17thst
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