The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Door to Door (slight return)

Another college guy showed up at the door with the exact same spiel.

ME: You guys already hit me up.

HIM: It's not what you think, we're not selling magazines.

ME: Right, you're selling books!

HIM: ...yes. Did he have something like... ::shows brochure::

ME: Right, exactly. Books for kids, in the hospital.

HIM: Well, crap. I'm just around the corner on Francisco. No one around here is in my class! What the heck?

There's a pause and the poor guy looks genuinely lost.

ME: I'm not sure he was at UCLA like you. Maybe he is at a different school that's doing the fundraiser.

HIM: Oh man, yeah. Crap. Yeah.

ME: So, anyway, this area has had the pitch already. Sorry.

HIM: Thanks, man. ::wanders off sadly::
Tags: commerce, doortodoor, ennui, forpurposesofmyclasstripiamblowinghoboes, grinch, idliketotalktoyouaboutducts, lol, mycarbrokedownandineedtogettopasadena, no, sadness, sales, scams, shopsmartshopsmart, wheredidyougetthatlovelyspatula, youth
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