The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

a riot of my own

  1. Ali G interviews NBA stars as promos for NBA on TNT. "Why don't you just get three fly honeys talking nonsense?"

  2. No, this ad isn't from 1961. It's a new one from GM. Lame on about five levels.

  3. I always thought Dean Koontz was a pretty nice guy, especially locally here where he dumps money on libraries and the arts. Apparently he's also a complete racist asshole. In response, Bookslut invites entries in the Man, is Dean Koontz a Prick or What? contest for slashfic featuring Dean and a Japanese guy.

  4. Plant attached to theremin = singing plant! Feed me, Seymour.

  5. Murder on the Nile! Forty centuries ago.
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