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Not exactly Xanadu

I had a few shots of El Tesoro de Don Felipe Añejo Tequila last night. I recommend it; great stuff, very smooth, very tasty, no hangover! And I dreamed.

In my dream, a local climate cataclysm occurred, related to a volcano, causing hail to become larger and larger. Eventually a wall-safe-sized chunk of ice smashed through the roof of my house, destroying the kitchen. It was a terribly frightening experience. We had to find somewhere else to live. I called the City and they gave me an address. This turned out to be an Irish bar and Restaurant called the "Somewhere & What". The Somewhere was the bar, and the What was the restaurant, and they were connected. It was a good place to hang out but not a shelter.

A band was playing there that included my coworker Sean (who actually used to be in a band I know of called the Pope-a-Lopes!), and brianenigma. They pleased me greatly by playing Pere Ubu's classic "30 Seconds Over Tokyo", and Enigma was especially good at the crazy feedback guitar.

We never did fix the roof. It was ok that way as long as we closed our bedroom doors to avoid getting too cold.

I now want to open the "Somewhere & What". Brian, start learning the guitar.
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