The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

So now you're back from outer space.

I get a lot of my links from the Exploding Aardvark, and so should you.
  1. Worse-than-hummer dude-ranch asshole truck now has big TV in it for watching porn! I hope I happen to have a L.A.W. rocket handy if I see one of these on the road.


  3. It's the 400th anniversary of the English War on Terror, on which day we celebrate a famously unsuccessful Catholic terrorist!

  4. Our new embassy in Ottawa is messing with people's garage doors. I'm an amateur radio dork, and I run into stuff like this all the time. The 440MHz band is primarily reserved for the military here and we have secondary use. So every time the President arrives in town 440 is unusable due to noise. And when it goes bad like that and there's nothing in the news, we think "Hmm..."

  5. You are going to die anyway, so why not in Cambodia?

  6. Mr. Lopez was, indeed, being uncooperative. This stuff works better in movies.

  7. Oops! Looks like Sideshow Bob escaped.
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