The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Tupac is still upper-class

  1. Got a stalker? Carry a stealth pepper spray cellphone!

  2. Here's another reason to be terrified of birds: you can get eye cancer from them. Not that psittacosis was a fun disease to start with, but this is really icky.

  3. William & Mary College has posted a delightfully contorted letter defining their reasons for keeping their team nickname "Tribe". As Veronica Geng once said, I love the sound of anxiety being rationalized. (via Bobby Isosceles). Personally I'd settle for a ban on "tribal tattoos" and a good caning for anyone who uses the word as a noun, as in "the dude had a tribal on his arm". What the fuck is a "tribal"? Which tribe? Cherokee? The Jews? BOO-Yaa?

  4. Not only do I dislike the principles behind the Amy Foundation Writing Awards, I really really really wish they wouldn't use "disciple" as a verb.

  5. I don't much care to hear that our nuclear bombers are getting an "unsatisfactory" on their report cards.

  6. Wow, I can date a WHAT? (Thanks, exploding aardvark!)

  7. So, we, like, dumped a bunch of chemical weapons? In the ocean? Until 1972 or so? And they're totally, like coming up on shore now? (Thanks again, vark!)

  8. Local alert: does anyone else know this Italian market/deli in Tustin? I just read a good review of it on the interweb and I like me some Italian sandwich.
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