The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

managing your expectations for over 40 years

  1. Kick ass! An aurora borealis webcam! Night hours only. pbd will be pleased I bet.

  2. These people will replicate any vehicle in mahogany or teak, hand-carved.

  3. So, are we back to only two phone companies now, or what?

  4. H5 bird flu has arrived in Canada. Let's all hope it isn't H5N1.

  5. At the Chipotle burrito chain today they'll give you free food if you show up wrapped in foil.

  6. This is sort of sweet. Somewhat innocent wack-job "Minutemen" anti-immigration terrorists are proudly guarding Vermont's border with Canada, unaware that the whole thing is about hating Mexicans. Subtexts are hard.

  7. We seriously might be better off washing our hands with plain soap and yogurt rather than antiseptics, even in hospitals.

  8. In related news, 4000-year-old Mesopotamians were apparently pretty good at medicine.

  9. This CMU robot geek would like to help you survive the Robot Holocaust, whether it comes in 2084 or sooner.

  10. Indicted White House staffer Lewis "Scooter" Libby also writes bad dirty books. Really bad.

  11. Hey, they found two more moons of Pluto! YAY!
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