The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Suck City Slurpers

While installing mom's new Mac today I tripped the power the computers are plugged into. When it all came back up I had no Internet connection. Two sets of cables, a new switch, two new network cards, three calls to the ISP, and four hours later I was out $70 and still no connection. Tomorrow I'm buying a new DSL modem in hopes that will fix it. After that I dunno. I do this for a living and this one has me stumped.

After that experience I am exhausted, deflated, and depressed. I am supposed to go to a Halloween thing tonight but I have no interest in dressing up and people will probably give me shit if I don't, so maybe I'll just go home and read.

D's is full of ethereally beautiful women and their grunting, brutish boyfriends. It's like a Popeye cartoon tonight.
Tags: personalnarrative
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