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Tonight at work I was watching the NBA finals and saw their scrolling marquee invite viewers to visit the NBA's Official Weblog.

Two ghastly companies whose websites I visited last week had Company Weblogs.

marm0t has been invited to a Business Blogging Conference.

O'Reilly has gone kookoo for cocoapuffs over "blogging" and is issuing a "Blogging Hacks" book.

People are going into the business of being Blogging Consultants and Blogging Trainers.

A few unpleasant inevitables can now be said to have occurred, namely:

  • Blogging as self-promotion has now become blogging as corporate promotion

  • The usual idiotic blatherati have grabbed on to "blogging" as a reason to go to parties and be cool, and because they're hooked up, it's being promoted as a business venture to generate more parties.

  • The result will be that this engaging and amusing hobby will now become a wasteland of pathetic astroturf instead of a wasteland of juvenile yawping with occasional dots of entertaining intelligence.

Grumpy McBitterpants, over and out :-)
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