The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

America's Next Top Muggle

  1. The Themis page at ASU has some totally awesome don't miss Mars images.

  2. UFO CATTLE ABDUCTION AUUUIIIGGGH short quicktime movie via adjab.

  3. Happy Halloween from Pillsbury: mummy or penis? You make the call. Also via adjab.

  4. From a paper and pen site: HOWTO improve your handwriting. I think mine is beyond help.

  5. Edgar Allan Seuss (via Exploding Aardvark and robot wisdom).

  6. News Flash: Deepak Chopra is still an overinflated idiot.

  7. In the middle of this, an environmental organization's fundraising company telemarketed me and refused to communicate with me by mail instead because "that's bad for the environment". They have no email list and therefore I had myself removed from their call list. Brilliant, guys. Now back to the links.

  8. Pharyngula points me to the truly amazing cartoonist Nina Paley! You should go there too! I especially like her 1920s/blues musical ramayana riff Sita Sings the Blues.

  9. Gigabit internet from balloons. I said, GIGABIT INTERNET FROM BALLOONS!

  10. Don't fuck with rodents. They're tougher than you and they may be smarter.
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