The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Halloween costume problem solved

nihilistic_kid's story of his train trip has given me the character I need to be if I actually go to a Halloween party this year. And I quote:
In the dining car I met this man whose mental problems would have been fairly obvious even if he hadn't been wearing a shirt with an envelope pinned to it. On the envelope was scrawled the message OPEN IF UNRESPONSIVE. At one point, he hesitated a second while trying to decide between a Sierra Mist and an orange juice, and the cashier and I shared a nervous look that said "Holy shit, should we open the envelope?!" but then he decided. I guess he didn't take longer than anyone else would with his choice either, but the envelope invites overreaction. It would be odd if someone does have to open it one day and inside there's a note that reads "SIERRA MIST."
Tags: lol
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