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Brain observations: I'm sleepier at night and waking up earlier in the a.m. this week. I also feel more calm and subjectively "aware". Cyclical versus placebo effect versus early neurofeedback effect.

Music observation: Gang of Four's remakes album Return the Gift is surprisingly good. You wouldn't expect some guys redoing songs they did 20+ years ago to be a good idea but they did a fine job. Most of the songs are improved, and the production is just to my taste.

My cat is ill. I think she just has a cold. It's weird hearing a cat cough.

Some hacker DIY folks have created an open source EEG hardware and software project. Sounds pretty cool, especially for use in poor countries where you can't just order a $5000 piece of equipment. Of course, they're also doing home experimentation on their brains, which may also be very cool. In case it isn't, they have a hilarious/terrifying disclaimer warning on their site. Dude, you hacked your brain and it, like, fell out.

The Beethoven Late Quartets are probably the most grown-up music that I've ever loved this much.

I still want a do over. More than anything else, that's what I want. Of course that's impossible.
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