The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

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nehru jacket or phantom limb?

welcome back to the show, where i'm again sitting in a "pod" trying to make the spr0ts go. it's not such a bad life.

i am trying to buy an oven, which is a very involved and complicated procedure that costs $800 or more and scares me, because I rely on it for food production. i hate real life and being all Groaned Up sometimes.

I addressed my long series of dreams about smoking by smoking a cigar, and it neither fulfilled my life completely nor made me turn green and barf.

Philadelphia was cold but fun, especially as a walking city. I recommend it as a visiting spot.

My company has a racing yacht. It's for publicity purposes. It's in a race. We're all heartily sick of seeing email updates about the yacht, and one brave guy emailed Corporate Central asking to be taken off the list. He was told "To unsubscribe, simply delete the messages." AHOY!
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