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  1. Fashion EXPLOSION 2005! I especially like the one on the right, which looks like the poster for Office Space.

  2. Surprisingly, improvised Russian alcohol beverages aren't very good for you. I remember reading in Spy in the 80s about a Russian method for getting high, which was: 1) spread shoe polish on some bread 2) leave bread on the radiator all day so that aromatic substances permeate it 3) scrape as much of the polish off the bread as possible 4) choke down bread. This produced some sort of high.

  3. Happy Halloween. Here's where to buy skulls!

  4. And now, the actual graphic FEMA uses to represent its activities. I guess this was on a Daily Show I didn't see. It's the eternal mandala of incompetence!


  5. Flickr presents camera tossing!

  6. Years after I stopped living in L.A. I am delighted to see that one of my favorite local madmen is still in action: The Robertson Dancer.

  7. You've seen these photos mislabeled as "Katrina" or some other well-known storm probably; they're everywhere and poorly attributed. The real photographer's gallery has all of these amazing stormchaser pictures properly labeled.

  8. This is some totally freakin awesome robot art.
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