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Also, leeches.

Talking to my psychiatrist yesterday, I told him about the neurofeedback I was going for. Of course I have a skeptical attitude; it seems very pie-in-the-sky. I told him my brother's joke about cures due to magnetism: "Magnets are so smart and obliging. No matter what the situation, they always know how to do the right thing!"

He agreed, but he also agreed that there's useful research and good results in some previously crazy areas. Not only is neurofeedback proving increasingly useful, but this insane thing where they implant an electrical stimulus attached to the vagus nerve has been dramatically successful in intractable depression. Yes, stimulating a big nerve, zap zap.

To make things even weirder, there are some promising results from attaching big fucking electromagnets to the skull. Hello, Mesmer!

Anyway I'm off to my phrenologist's.
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