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I ordered ADSL but this is clearly POO

My DSL is back up today after an inexcusable outage that began Friday afternoon at 5 and continued until Monday. The outage knocked out several friends as well because I had pimpd out this company to everyone I know, causing me to become Patient Zero in a network failure epidemic.

On top of that the company was just short of insulting in their attitude, tossing away the idea of monitoring as "impossible" and basically blaming me for not informing them of the problem ("we rely on our customers") when there was no way to reach them at all on a weekend with an emergency(!!!). I told them to fix both of those things within 30 days or I'm not their customer any more, much less their advocate. There was no response yet to this.

I'm in shock at their response, frankly. I am a lazy SOB but I can't ethically encompass being this crappy to a customer. The worst part is, I've used these guys for years and know them socially.

Now service is up, but my 1.5M download speed has magically become 384K. So I'm getting much less bandwidth than I'm paying for now. Guess that isn't worth checking or monitoring either.

I think I'm switching providers very soon. I don't like getting this angry over buying stuff, it's bad for my soul. And I'm angry enough right now to feel flushed and trembly.
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