The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Happy, uh, Porn Sunday?

Pharyngula invites all of us to celebrate's bizarre post-everything Christian Porn Crusader event National Porn Sunday with some FISH SEX. (All links SFW unless you work for uptight fish.) I seriously cannot tell if Porn Sunday is a gigantic prank on the evangelical world or if they're for real. I mean, look at their 30 second ad starring Pete the Puppet or their customized van for spreading the word. And the T Shirt?

Tell me, folks. Has evangelical culture gotten this bizarre, or are all these pastors being taken for a gigantic ride? OR BOTH?
Tags: americafuckyeah, fishsex, okaythewtflevelsaredangeroushere, porn, puppets, religion, science, seriouslywtf, vanart, what, wtf
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