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So, yeah, they found the body of the 17-year-old girl who got murdered in VA. And they have a person of interest whom she met on the Internets. And they both have LJs and myspaces, and he has a deviantart gallery with lots of creepy-ass pictures of young-looking girls, and her LJ name is "jailbait" backwards, and it's really fucking depressing.

Whether or not homeboy is a murderer, he's certainly a disagreeable person. Also a shitty photographer.

In any case she's dead, he's in jail, and they're both clichés. Except of course that she's entitled to be a cliché at 17 and he has no excuse at 38.

His deviantart gallery (mostly just thumbnails), her myspace, her livejournal at tiabliaj, and his livejournal at skulz67 are still up for now, for morbid curiosity purposes.

From news stories:
"Detectives seized more than 70 other items from Fawley's home, including a box of bones, a machete and part of a box spring bearing a reddish-brown stain, according to a search warrant."
"On the morning after Taylor's disappearance, Fawley, a self-described "prolific Goth web master" who "collects" auto license plates, told police he had just been beaten, robbed and kidnapped by unknown assailants. He said they put a bag over his head, stuffed him into an unknown car, and drove him to an unknown location, where he was left on an unknown dirt road. He was "saved" when an unknown good Samaritan, in his case a Hispanic male, found him along the road and drove him back to Richmond."

Thanks to hep I am only four degrees from the victim, but oddly I show no connection with the LJ Sixdegrees tool to the accused murderer.

More detailed, probably too detailed blogulations about this are here and here, the latter going on way too much with psychological diagnoses. Also here.

Boy those guys all write too much.
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