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  1. In 2008, there is only one choice that makes sense.

  2. Here's a fascinating 3D graphical recreation of the ancient Egyptian city of Amarna. The gallery of images is at this url in case you have trouble finding it.

  3. Ikea does The Matrix.

  4. Now that she's not a freaked-out teenager, Fiona Apple is getting really beautiful, I think.

  5. Google has an RSS reader now.

  6. The Ring: Nigerian edition.

  7. Hurray! There's a wiki now for swear words!

  8. Budgie diapers? Flight suits for pet birds?

  9. Technology professionals wanted for international nonprofit organization. Must have strong video and design skills, back-end Web programming experience, and fanatical devotion to radical Wahhabi Sunni Islam. This is a fast-paced environment requiring excellent multitasking skills. The ideal applicant will be a suicidally fanatical Muslim with 5 or more years experience managing video production and high-traffic websites while the world's only superpower attempts to destroy him with all available resources. Benefits include full health, dental, vision, and suicide benefits including a Paradise of lithe and luscious houris. No phone calls or women.

  10. Flu week continues with are we ready for a bigass pandemic?

  11. I for one welcome our new robot prostate surgeon overlords.
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