The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

rumors on the internets: neurofeedback

I decided to do some armchair research on this thing I'm trying. First stop was wikipedia, where a neurofeedback article had been flagged as both "neutrality disputed" and "needs to be cleaned up since May 2005". Uh oh. Sure enough, there are links to Scientology everywhere, and the tone of the article is not only dismissive but actively disparaging. Not very wikipedia. A link is provided to the talk page which is the usual ridiculous holy war involving pro- and anti-neurofeedback parties and of course Scientology.

It was depressing in that "Oh man, there goes that Internet Guy again" way. That guy in this case being njyoder, a talented and energetic troll who baits feminists and particularly rape awareness organizations.

The actual professional association seems to be pretty sane and know their limits.

New cures bring enthusiasm, messianic prose, The Solution To Everything, cranks, and naysayers. Looking around the web in a first-click way I see all of those in about ten minutes. From my point of view it's worth a try, since it doesn't seem likely to break my brain. At the worst I'll lose $200 a week for a while and then get disgusted. Since I'm already disgusted, here we go.
Tags: brain, phrenology, psychology, science, scienticians, scientology, thatinternetguy, trolls, wikipedia, youareeducatedstupid
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