The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
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I had an EEG and consultation for neurofeedback today.

As I expected, it was fascinating. I sat down in front of a PC running a crappy looking Windows program, attached to a pair of weathered speakers and a little junction box thingy with wires coming out of it.

The woman doing the evaluation was a talkative, intelligent New Agey psychologist. She had the evangelistic attitude of healers whose art isn't quite accepted yet. The approach she has is to detect evidence of injury with EEG, and then to use a neurological form of biofeedback therapy to fix the problem.

I had three EEGs: one on the left side, one on the right, and one in front. They all showed up abnormal by her standards. Apparently big differences between two different voltages are indicative of problems, as are wide variations in the waves. I have a pattern consistent with injuries in the areas that would cause despair, inability to clean up my room, bad times with relationships, sudden inexplicable anxiety, frustrated rage fits, and assorted medical problems. Hey, whaddya know.

It's odd watching waves go by and seeing them fly out of control when I swallow or blink, or even when the neurofeedback lady walked around behind me.

Anyway I'm going to try neurofeedback for a while, twice a week. I can afford it now that my car is paid off.
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