The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

buildings are very very tall and not at all offensive

Carbonated what? Peripherally linked from boingboing.

Also from boingboing, they totally lost their shit about a doom asteroid coming to hit us, and then had to correct themselves after people pointed out that they had old bad information that could have been corrected with Google and Wikipedia. I know they're not a newspaper, but at that level of popularity they should at least check their stories against the the toolbar options that came with the browser.

Meanwhile, O.J. Simpson appeared at NecroComicCon and signed autographs, making a punchline unnecessary. A long jail sentence would still be good, though.

I hope you're all celebrating Pandemic Flu Awareness Week! Come with me on a magical journey through the scary-ass statistics from the history of influenza. Check out especially the life expectancy graph with the big ol' notch in it around 1918.
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