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Purchase sampler: I buy, you win.

I got my package from Aquarius Records, including the new Jello/Melvins opus, the 1981 L.A. no wave/postpunk compilation "Keats Rides a Harley", a two volume set of Tibetan Buddhist rituals, some pipe organ madness, and the Jack Palance album. It's everything I can handle, and more!

Here's a sampler of mp3 from each. Links likely to expire, please mirror if you want to spread, etc.

Jello Biafra & The Melvins Kali-Fornia Uber Alles 21st Century (Live). Everyone made the lame joke about the DKs redoing "California Uber Alles" after we got governated. Jello and the Melvins did it, and very very well. There are better tracks on this CD but here's the crowd pleaser.

Jack Palance, Hannah Jack talks his way through one hell of a tearjerker country ballad in his very best psychotic murderer voice. This will either be much better or much worse if you're drunk or tired. Let me know.

100 Flowers, Salmonella (from Keats Rides a Harley compilation) This compilation came out in '81 and has a load of L.A. weirdos I used to know: Leaving Trains, the 100 Flowers/Danny and the Doorknobs axis, the Meat Puppets, all doing weird underproduced stuff. It's really good, especially for people with obsessive interest in underground rock of the early 1980s. Hello, obnoxicant? Twenty years later people called this music "Indie" but it was dead by then.

Georges Montalba, The Washington Post March PIPE. ORGAN. MADNESS!

Long Trumpets Auspicious Ending from the Tibetan Buddhist Rituals set. No one makes a really long series of honking noises sound as cool as Tibetan Buddhist monks. I want these guys to play my wedding.
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