The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

The X-Files meets Reno 911

From Chuck Shepherd's News of the Weird blog, the usual stolen ambulance with high speed chase, driver dressed in medical outfit, dead deer in the back hooked up to IV. You know.

turnip: This guy is from Jax. You party with him?

oh deerDavidson County, NC -- We have new and bizarre details about the man accused of stealing a Davidson county ambulance and strapping a week-old deer carcass to the gurney. Investigators say Leon Hollimon stole the ambulance and led police on a three-county chase this past weekend. When they caught him, he was wearing a stethoscope, pager and had two latex gloves in his back pocket. The deer was attached to an IV. Investigators say they're not sure where Hollimon is from, but he has a large number of arrests in the Jacksonville, Florida area and may be from there. They say they don't yet know how he ended up in Lexington.

He's currently having a mental evaluation at a state hospital in Butner.
Tags: news, wtf
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