The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Codex Psychoceramianus

Via torgo_x; crossposted to psychoceramics

Jim Marshall insists that he has decoded the Codex Seraphinianus of Luigi Serafini. Whether or not there was a code in this bizarre, beautiful work of art is not known to me. What's certain is that Mr. Marshall has mixed psychoceramic genius with the "Da Vinci Code" phenomenon and created his own work of art.
"I believe that the Rosetta Stones found on the pages mentioned above were meant for other audiences and not for the human race at this time!"


"I then discovered another Rosetta Stone, the one meant for a race at our particular stage of development, contained inside an example of Codex Script referred to as the 'Matrix'."


" Character for O - not sure. ( alien input ? )"
Tags: art, davincicode, doh, psychoceramics, surrealism
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