The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Emo, Superemo, and Id.

  1. As we run out of alphabetical names for storms, Sean Burke tracks our inevitable watery philological doom.

  2. An interesting study of gender differences in psychology concludes that said differences are less than you might think. Extra points for the research being done by a Dr. Hyde... ...who is female!

  3. Yes, this may well be the greatest punchline in the world, at least for the next fifteen minutes. Cackle.

  4. Avoid Australian octopus sushi.

  5. This Cthulhu movie is going to be totally gay.

  6. Tiny, beautiful, Bugatti-like retro sports car. Want.

  7. From Adjab: the vodka bong/bong vodka project for the Dutch and the beer for children for the Japanese. Ooookay.

  8. Disney Princess Jewelry for the kids! With deadly poisonous child-stunting brain-eating lead! YAAAY!
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