The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Punk Rock Tom

Punk Rock Tom on the patio

He has MISFIT tattooed on one leg, and MENTOR on the other. "Back in the day" when things were crazier and Tom was drinking, G.G. Allin crashed on his couch. He has a '33 flathead Ford truck and a variety of impractical motorcycles. He can make metal do whatever he wants it to. Tom rides a dirt bike at night in the desert, and broke his leg doing it. He skateboards when he can, too.

Tom lays tile for a living. He's not happy when he has to work weekends, because he's not going to get any retirement. He'll work until the day he dies. Until then, there's the weekend and the thrill of speed and danger.

Tom walks stiffly and sits down with a grunt, but he's quick to smile and loves swapping stories about punk rock, motorcycling, hot rods, and the fuckin' mess the world's in.
Tags: characters, diedrich, local, orangecounty, patio
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