The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

weekend update

This was a very relaxing day. Most of my time was spent reading at home in the morning. Then I went to D's and read alternating with conversation for the afternoon and evening. Saw lots of nice people I like.

The musical entertainment was odd. A gigantic tall round black man with an earring showed up looking like Ving Rhames about to kill us all. Instead, he threw a small diva fit about the tables and chairs and made the employees sweep the floor. Having annoyed everyone, he then sat down and very competently played soft sweet folky music. He was kind of an Indigo Guy.

17th Street is blocked between Tustin & Santa Ana Aves., apparently because some drunk from Pierce Street Annex lost control and wiped out a series of utility poles. That place needs to get shut down. They obviously don't care about the mounting body count there.

The always useful Adjab reports that Juicy Fruit Gum has a "blog", and that sooner than you think we'll all be able to have Jim Beam sandwiches. I think I'm a teensy bit ill already thinking about it.

In better news, the Null Device informs me of the second Eurovision video from Molvania's own Zladko: "I am the Anti-Pope".

Finally, are the mad scientists really trying to build a fusion power installation in France? Do those even work yet?
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