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  1. This seems like Bad Idea Jeans: Let's go koala hugging, kids! Even the Holy Father himself looks like he just realized this was a very, very bad move.

  2. According to Automotive Digest's summary of WSJ and LATimes articles (registration required, BugMeNot works), gasoline demand dropped 4% last week. Yes, four percent in one week. 52 oil and gas platforms are missing, 49.6% of combined oil & gas production in the Gulf is offline, crude oil futures are up 48% year-to-date, and 20% of US refining capacity is shut down or at reduced capacity.

  3. do_not_lick pointed out a case of life imitating The Onion.

  4. The water in NOLA is full of sewage bacteria, lead, and heavy metals. Best sentence: "Tests by aircraft of the city's air, which has a strong stench even from a couple hundred feet up, indicated no potential health issues."

  5. September 11 Memorial burns out eyes of aged veterans with death rays.

  6. ParanoidWatch: They're using UAVs for rescue operations in NOLA. How long until they're flying over every city, 24/7?

  7. Lost dolphins from a Missisippi aquarium were found huddled together in the Gulf, probably squeaking "holy fucking SHIT that was intense!" at each other.

  8. I wish some of these failed 90s trends had happened.
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