The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

They told me you'd be an unusual patient, Mr. Trout.

  1. From Antarctica, delicious snow rolls!

  2. Napoleon Dynamite versus Bill Gates: FIGHT! Does anyone have this video?

  3. Google's directions to Italian Webmasters have a "hungarian phrasebook sketch" problem of sorts.

  4. Abused children are highly attuned to anger, even when it does not involve them. I have this problem, and interestingly my therapist says that some of the unavoidable nonsense that happened when I was an infant produces symptoms similar to those of children who have been seriously abused.

  5. Area men sign up for Katrina cleanup, end up slaves. Wow! It's like the "selling knives in the parking lot" scam but with more hepatitis and tetanus! Bonus points for "BMS Catastrophe, Inc."
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