The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

We don't need another Nero

  1. Many thanks to explosivo for showing me Pandora. It's a make-your-own radio station that learns your preferences. It reminds me of the late lamented Firefly in its uncanny ability to find music you like given a set of known favorites. Very cool.

  2. I hope against hope that Joshua Clark's "reporting" from NOLA (as reported by fengi is some kind of satire. But it's probably not.


  4. Via the amazing news that abortion is often the result of failed sodomy. No idea what the mechanism is here, even after reading the article. I should have paid more attention in my Freedom Science classes.

  5. Photoshop contest: If goths ruled the world. (via The Null Device.

  6. Prostitutes decide to become marketers; punch line not necessary.

  7. Just what we needed, burning bullets (via New Scientist and defensetechblog).

  8. We will have now have shorter, stupider "reader-friendly" editions of the great books that idiots don't read anyway!
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