The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Product Showcase: Activ BurnStuff™

A couple of years ago I got a new soldering iron and did a bunch of radio cabling work. I hadn't soldered in forever and trinnit told me I should immediately buy some of this burn creme for the inevitable "Hey I have hot lead on my skin!" moments.

burnstuffThe other day I was reminded how good his advice was when I toasted about a half inch long strip of skin on my hand near my thumb. It seemed okay at first, but a couple of hours later it suddenly announced that NOW IS THE TIME FOR THE ITCHING AND BURNING THAT COMMANDS ATTENTION! Off to the bathroom and I put one little ampule of BurnStuff on. Immediately the pain disappeared and stayed gone, and I had no further problem that night.

According to their propaganda it has an anesthetic, an antibacterial, and some nutritional substances that accelerate healing. Whatever it is, it's the only burn creme I've used with success. A+!

Tags: firstaid, medicine, reviews
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