The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

I have to say, things are going pretty darned well.

Had a bit of a scare in California this week, didn't we? But our man Arnold held the line. Glad he had the spine to show them what a real conservative is, instead of that tree-hugging image he was trying to project or some "third way" nonsense. Sooner or later the queers will understand there's no place for them here.

New Orleans is going to work out fine. Sure there's a lot of talk about the President and the Federal Government and all these supposed problems, but no one remembers that after a few months, and we're going to manage the media back into position. Those boys will understand they need to stay on message, especially with Roger over at Fox leading the way. Pretty soon it'll just be crazy old Michael Moore making funny little movies and we can redefine the center where we want it. Fish in a barrel.

You have to understand what an opportunity this is for Homeland Security. We're going to need a lot more of that kind of security in this country, and some of it is going to rile people a little. There's inevitably going to be some unrest, especially as the next election comes up or we get a blip in the employment numbers. Sometimes people just can't see past a couple hard years and understand what we're doing for them, and you can't just hope they'll trust us.

We're getting a real good run-through down there. The Guard has things locked down, FEMA is making sure we're in control on the humanitarian end, and there's going to be good management of the media from here on out. I think people got the message about what our authority means now, and what we'll do to maintain the stability and the order that's needed. Some of the new crowd control technologies and surveillance stuff has been stellar already. These are the kind of tools we're going to need in the next election to keep on track. We can't have 1968 all over again, that was just a stupid mess. And government all down the line has to get with the program. Some penny-ante local blowhard like Broussard messes around, he'll get a lot worse than some cut phone lines next time, and he knows it.

Let me tell you, we've got some bumpy rides ahead. You're going to be thankful for that hurricane later, because the lessons we learned this week will make 2008 a lot smoother for the people who need it. You wanna play hardball, you have to spend some time in the batting cage.
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