The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

75% amusing

  • My company's new web page/product has an apology for its quality on the home page. FUCK YEAH!

  • From: Subject: [SPAM] Taltened clebes stripping dwon and getting primal!

  • I received my discounted Calphalon pans from Amazon, nearly free with the sale and a gift cert. I am especially happy with the big saucier I call the Enough Spinach Pan because I can cook 3 bags at once of fresh spinach and have it cook down to enough for two people to really enjoy.

  • And then, after these minor amusements, I look at the news updates and see that the disaster zone in New Orleans is now Baghdad come home: martial law, official brutality, oppression, caches of corpses, a media lockout, lies, more lies, damned lies, and chuckling gauleiters celebrating the misery of their compatriots. This isn't my country any more. It's occupied territory.
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