The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

apologia pro bozo suo

There are limits to discourse, and specifically limits to what issues one may discuss among friends. I exceeded those limits and re-learned a lesson.

It's a polarizing time. The issues that come up daily aren't abstract or distant. I'd like to just stop talking about important things and instead tell stories, share interesting and amusing facts, snap photos. It isn't likely that I could keep that promise, though, because events keep making me sit up and yell, even though I know it's almost entirely foolish.

Because I'm not writing for the front page of the New York Times, or even for the little weekly paper I used to help edit. It's just a livejournal, and the stuff I put here is not of much consequence. The checks I write and organizations I work with and support are my only impact.

In the past few months I have had difficult times with several good friends that could have been avoided if I'd been a better editor of myself. Whether I am right or wrong about the great issues of our time, I don't think the conflict with others is worth whatever tiny effect one livejournal has on events. I'd be flattering myself nearly into psychosis to think otherwise.

So I'll do my best to make this space if not issue-free at least less contentious. I apologize to those I've annoyed or inflamed to no good end.
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